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OccMedi - Occupational Medical Services
Frequently Asked Questions

We are looking for a provider of Occupational Health Services to perform Pre-employment Medicals for our Company. What do you offer and what is involved?
Occmedi is a provider of Occupational Health Services to industry. We offer a comprehensive service including pre-employment medicals, health assessments and management of work related injuries. With new companies we liaise with you to establish your requirements for evaluation of prospective employees and in turn develop a pre-employment medical that is tailor made to suit your needs. Alternatively, if your company already have established requirements we perform the assessment accordingly.

What additional tests do you offer to a basic Pre-employment Medical?
Basic Pre-employment medical consists of: height, weight, blood pressure, visual assessment and urinalysis performed by the nurse followed by a consultation with the doctor. However, other screening available on request include: Audio Assessment, Spirometry, ECG and Drug and Alcohol evaluation. A Pre-employment medical assessment can be developed to suit your requirements.

Do you perform specialty medicals such as Aviation and Confederation of Australian Motor Sports [CAMS] Medicals?
Yes, both our Occupational Health Providers are accredited and have extensive experience in performing Aviation and CAMS medicals and have an exceptionally fast processing time with results.

How quickly can I have an appointment for a Medical?
In most cases an appointment for a medical is available within 2 days of you contacting Occmedi. When a large block of medicals are required we discuss options with your company and allocate appointments over a time period to suit all parties.

A worker has been injured in the work place. How do I have that worker assessed?
Occmedi's Occupational Health Providers work exclusively in the management of occupational health and in particular with work related injuries. We encourage all parties to be involved with the management of the injury to enable the worker to be back at work as soon as possible. Our practitioners make themselves available to discuss the injury with the employer or insurance company which also enables effective management of the injury.

Our company has a employee with a long term injury and we would like a second opinion on the management of this injury?
Occmedi has both an Occupational Health Physician and an Occupational Health Practitioner who are both trained to perform either an Independent Medical Examination (IME) or an Independent Medical Consultation (IMC). This is a comprehensive evaluation of the history and current condition of the injured worker and an extensive report is compiled and forward to you, or any other parties you nominate, on their findings.

As a company, we are not happy with the current management of our work cover injuries. Are you able to 'take over' existing claims?
There is no doubt that often a new look at an active work cover claim may provide alternative treatment for the worker. Occmedi's Occupational Health Providers pride themselves with their proactive approach to work place injuries. At the same time, the Doctors at Occmedi only look after Occupational Health and are not also providing a General Practice service therefore focusing solely on Occupational Health and the legislation which governs the industry.

Does Occmedi come out to the workplace to assess both the injured worker and the work environment?
Onsite Workplace Assessment is one of the many services that Occmedi provides. Both our Occupational Health Providers are trained and have extensive experience in performing a comprehensive evaluation of the worker as well as their work environment. This is then followed by an extensive report on their findings.

Our company requires ongoing Health Screening in the workplace. What services can you offer?
Occmedi offers a comprehensive management plan for ongoing health screening in the workplace. We arrange a meeting to map out your Company's requirements often over a 12 month period and then allocate the appropriate medical staff members, which could either be one of our Doctors or Occupational Health Nurses, to perform the health screening. Health screening can either be performed in our clinic or in the work place.

We would like to give our employees the option of having a flu vaccination. Is this a service that you can offer?
Occmedi has three Registered Nurses who are Accredited Nurse Immunisers and are able to come out to your work place and offer flu vaccinations to your staff. As you can imagine, the onsite immunisation option is a much less disruptive process to the workplace. If you contact the clinic on (02) 6058 6125 our staff will be able to provide a quote for this service.





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