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OccMedi - Occupational Medical Services
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OccMedi provides this respiratory testing service either in the surgery or this service is also available in the workplace. Spirometry can assess an employee's capability for physical work, their respiratory vulnerability and also establish safe work environments.

State regulations require hearing tests to be conducted wherever noise exceeds acceptable levels. OccMedi performs air conduction testing that can help ascertain levels of industrial hearing loss.

Cardiovascular risk indicator
This potentially life-saving mobile tool allows OccMedi to readily assess your employees' risk of heart attack by combining health information such as blood pressure, with lifestyle choices such as smoking. They can easily see how, by adjusting some of their lifestyle choices, they can drastically reduce their risk of heart attack.

OccMedi can assess and record employees' suspicious skin lesions while on site. Photos of the lesions can then be kept on file and reviewed later for any changes.

Blood pressure test
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Audiometry test result Skin lesion
Audiometry test result Skin lesion
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