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OccMedi - Occupational Medical Services
Personal Services
OccMedi's high quality services are not just for big business. Self-employed people and indeed, any individual, are welcome to use any one of these valuable occupational health services.

It's co-located partner, Gardens Medical Centre, supports OccMedi and its GPs can provide general health care as well as any referrals to OccMedi specialists if required.

Aviation medicals
Dr Andrew Milliken is a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) in the Border region. Please contact OccMedi to make an appointment or visit CASA for more information.

CAMS medicals
Dr Milliken is also accredited to perform CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motor Sport) examinations.

Toxicology testing
Self-employed spray painters, crop sprayers, panel beaters and anyone exposed to chemicals for sustained periods should be tested regularly to protect their health. OccMedi provides for toxicology testing and can offer strategic advice on minimising the risks.

Skin evaluation
OccMedi provides onsite skin evaluations. Suspicious lesions are evaluated by dermoscopy with the employee being referred for immediate treatment when necessary. Images are kept on file for review.

Workplace wellness programs
Workplace wellness programs go far beyond looking only at injury management. Our staff assess employee health including cardiovascular risk factors. Then using tools such as a cardiovascular risk indicator can lead to behavioural change.

Travel medical advice
Travel advice is offered following assessment of the specific risks to an employee who is travelling overseas. The travel advice includes strategies for avoiding disease outbreaks, offering appropriate pharmaceutical advice and arranging appropriate immunisations.

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